By Brian Schutt

Having a big temperature difference between upstairs and downstairs is nothing new in Indianapolis. While the physics of heat rising is a big part of the issue, many homes can see comfort improvement with targeted solutions. Here are a couple of examples of some of these targeted investments you can make.

Adding zones to your existing ductwork directs airflow to the spaces that are still hot, while stopping airflow to the places already cool. This is done through a damper or dampers that are installed in the duct system and are connected to a thermostat on the second floor. Then, if the temperature is comfortable on the first floor but not on your second floor, the airflow can be directed to the warmer space.

Another option is upgrading to a variable speed furnace. Owning a furnace that has a variable speed blower motor is a complete change to how traditional furnaces operate. The new energy efficient furnaces have blowers that circulate almost all of the time, instead of a furnace coming on and going off based upon demand. The benefits of this include more dehumidification, a better balance in temperature between floors, and higher level of filtration because the air is passing through the system more frequently.

For a more targeted solution, there is the ductless mini split (shown above), which is one of the most exciting innovations in the heating and cooling industry recently. These smaller systems allow for targeted airflow to the most challenging areas of your home. Because of the larger square footage and vaulted ceilings in master bedrooms, many home owners in Carmel, Zionsville and Fishers have added a ductless mini split to provide cooling relief throughout the summer.

“With everything we do, our goal is to build lifelong clients,” said Brady Wilson, Homesense General Manager. “We build our solutions around what is going to make a lasting impact for homeowners’ comfort and peace of mind.”

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