By Matt Keating

Using superior materials during a home build is one of the keys to long term success.

Just ask Nigel Hoss, a builder with Hoss Building Group.

“At Hoss Homes, we take pride in the work we do, and strive to make sure our clients are satisfied with our work,” Hoss said. “A lot of real estate brokers take note that we did the work on the houses they are selling. That’s a great feeling, and we stress that we use the best materials during a build, such as Marvin Windows.”

Marvin Windows endeavors to push design to its limits in aesthetics, function and durability. Their windows are preferred for new construction and are designed for unprecedented performance and outstanding aesthetics. Over the years, Marvin has built a strong reputation. The same can be said for Hoss Homes.

For over 40 years, Hoss Homes has been building state of the art custom residential properties in Central Indiana. They are known for their quality work and have perfected the art of custom home building.

“Selecting high quality building materials is paramount to a successful project, therefore Marvin Windows is an excellent choice,” Nigel stated. “We always stress quality, great service and reliability in everything we do. We rely on high caliber windows, and Marvin Windows has never let us down. They represent the premium materials we are always looking for.”

One strong element that sets Hoss Homes apart from other builders is their knowledge and expertise.

“A unique approach to custom home building, a fine attention to detail, and a firm belief in standing behind what we build are the founding elements of every Hoss home,” Nigel said. “We are known for our quality work. We use the methods and materials that have been proven to last. We engineer the application, not just to code. We apply products not by force of habit, but where they’re best for a particular home.”

Steve Hoss, president of Hoss Homes, has a strong reputation for quality, and an enthusiastic eye for detail, that has helped him, and his company grow and thrive over the years. Steve founded Hoss Homes in 1975 with the belief that presence on a job and attention to detail are critical aspects of home construction.

His builder sons, Nigel and Colin, have carried on the tradition of ensuring quality work. They know how to use methods and materials that are proven to last.

“Colin and I grew up in the home building business,” Nigel said. “We are carrying on the tradition of striving to provide the best service and the best products, like Marvin Windows. We are with the client every step of the way, from the initial consultation, to when they are ready to open the front door.”

Every home they build is unique and custom tailored to fit the needs of their clients.

“We understand that providing quality is more than just a day job,” Nigel said. “It is a commitment to having things done right. Not only on the day homeowners move in, but for years to come.”

For additional information on Hoss Homes visit or call 317-823-9788.