By Christy Heitger-Ewing

The Indiana Design Center, home to 20 design professionals, boasts several hugely beneficial treasures. For instance, they offer “Designer on Call,” which enables homeowners to connect with a designer for a complimentary 50-minute consultation. Andrea Kleymeyer, the center’s Marketing Director, suggests that potential clients browse their website to review designers’ portfolios and determine the best match for their project. A Designer On Call appointment can be requested on the website.

“This is a casual way for homeowners to connect with a designer and see if they could be a good fit,” says Kleymeyer.

A number of local artists are featured throughout the building, including Barry Lantz Art and photographers Christine Merchent and Eva Johansen Correale. In addition, Coats Wright Art & Design is currently featuring work by Carmel-based artist J.D. Naraine and antiques from The Weathervane Antiques & Home Market. Naraine’s work includes abstract figuratives in both neutral and bold color palettes. The Weathervane showcases new and antique furniture in the gallery, along with accessories like Turkish dough bowls, glassware, cutting boards, vintage scales and rustic décor.

“The mix of art and décor in the gallery exhibits how various art and design styles can live in harmony,” says Kleymeyer. What’s unique about Coats Wright Art & Design is that it’s a fully-furnished showroom that demonstrates how to mix different furniture and artistic styles. “It’s not a white-walls gallery with art hanging in open spaces,” Kleymeyer continues. “It’s a furnished, comfortable environment that showcases how interior design and art can relate.”

Custom jeweler Marc Aronstam, of Aronstam Fine Jewelers, is also located inside the Indiana Design Center. “The art of the home, jewelry and handcrafted things all work together,” says Kleymeyer. “Marc also has interesting items for the home like geodes and rare, natural materials that can be used as décor.” Kleymeyer notes that Aronstam is known for helping customers reimagine and redesign antique family stones into new contemporary pieces.

“We’re really proud of the fact that such custom work is happening here in our building,” says Kleymeyer.

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