By Phil Hotle

Whether your home is modern, traditional, farmhouse or rustic, it’s important to know how the appropriate accents will make it shine. It’s common knowledge that the purpose of staging a home is to neutralize its appearance so it will appeal to the widest audience of buyers. But then again, that’s not entirely true. Typically, there’s a style theme that ties the look together, whether it’s traditional, farmhouse, modern or another home style. Unless it is overly customized, you will likely want to stay true to your home’s current style rather than reinvent the look completely. But what accessories can you weave in to create a warm, inviting and polished space that emphasizes and celebrates the home’s style?


Classic and comfortable are signatures of the traditional look. Interiors tend to have a sense of familiarity and consistency with classic furniture and pieces that match. The placement of furnishing and accessories also tend to be symmetrical. Traditional doesn’t have to be boring, there is room to add in some modern twists without veering too far off course.


In a farmhouse motif, interiors have a lived-in, homey look that is full of charm. One sees the use of shiplap, white distressed kitchens and unique antiques – all elements that have become distinct to farmhouse chic décor. Adding a blanket or throw can make a room more inviting.


A modern home style is all about minimalism. Midcentury modern, a style popularized in the 1950’s but whose roots go back to the 20’s, is the focal point of the modern style. It tends to feature open spaces that are light, clean and organized. The style is referred to as “retro” – the opposite of modern. Accents and accessories should be minimal but impactful.


The rustic style exudes nature and organic warmth. Raw natural elements in architecture and weathered look in décor are key to achieving rustic charm. Such décor is all about emphasizing organic and earthly textiles – things that come straight from the Earth.