By Matt Keating

Having a fireplace doesn’t just warm up your home, it gives the homeowners the opportunity to feature beautiful stone in any room. A stone fireplace will look great all year round and accentuate any home, offering ambiance and style.

“Fireplaces are the focal point of your home,” Cory Kroger, owner of Stone Artisans, says. “It can be the main design element of a room or even a piece of art. We are specialists in the fabrication of stone, and we know how to deliver outstanding quality and design to make any fireplace look unique and beautiful.”

Kroger noted that Stone Artisans can help design and build a fireplace in a new home or remodel an existing one.

“One of the great elements of a stone fireplace is, it can handle the heat while creating an inviting atmosphere. We offer and work with a wide variety of stone options that will make your home look amazing.”

Stone Artisans selection includes granite, marble, quartzite, limestone, soapstone, and quartz.

“We use the highest quality stone to ensure an excellent result in any room,” Kroger says. A well-done fireplace can make a big impact in any space. “It’s another area we can be creative and approach as if it were a blank canvas. It can be as simple as adding a stone hearth to a tile surround ad wood wrap, or it can be an entire wall of stone.” Stone Artisans offers a wide variety of quality stones, and coupled with custom design, the options are endless.

“Many of our clients are incorporating a television over the top of a fireplace, which also looks great,” Kroger says. “We can accommodate that look or something else you have in mind like a piece of artwork. We have a wealth of experience with design that can really make your home look beautiful.”

Kroger has a reputation for high quality design and construction. He has worked with some of Indiana’s finest cabinet builders, furniture makers, and custom home builders. He was the previous owner of CK Installations and uses his wide array of construction knowledge to assist with the onsite logistics for every project. His attention to detail is renowned. He makes sure every project he works on is perfect from start to finish.

“I’ll make sure you have the exact fireplace you have always wanted, to make any room in your home come alive,” Kroger says.

If you’re interested in learning more about remodeling or adding a fireplace, call Stone Artisans at 317-874-8955 or visit them online at