By Maria Baer | Shelly Ruth Photography

No matter how big or small your closet is, these DIY tips will make your space feel like your favorite boutique.

UNIFORM HANGERS: Easily the quickest way to transform a closet! Think about your favorite store for a minute. When you walk in you are drawn to the clothes, not distracted by a mix of assorted hangers holding items. So take the time to switch over to velvet hangers as they conserve space, preserve the shoulders of your tops and work for heavier items, too.

ORGANIZE BY COLOR + STYLE: Figure out a system that works for you, but create a method in your closet to keep items sorted. Whether by style (tanks, short sleeve and long sleeve) or by housing each color together, this will make it infinitely easier to pick your outfit each day.

PUT YOUR SHOES ON DISPLAY: Consider having one shoe facing in and one out, allowing you to see all the details of each pair. Also, toss those extra shoeboxes. Not only do they hide your shoes, but they take up a ton of valuable closet space.

STUFF YOUR HANDBAGS + BOOTS: Ensure your purses keep their shape by stuffing them with newspaper or dust bags. For boots, roll a magazine inside to help it keep its shape in between wears.

USE YOUR VERTICAL SPACE: Reevaluate the empty wall space in your closet. Invest in a few 3M Command Hooks to hang hats, jewelry or your robe.

REGULARLY EDIT YOUR SPACE: Each season, take some time to rid your closet of items that are too worn, don’t work for your current lifestyle or are no longer items you gravitate toward. Be sure to find a great spot to donate them too if they’ve still got life to give.

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