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Tim Logan, owner of Timothy Homes, began his custom home building journey in the late 1980’s. Working for two family owned businesses, he learned the ins and outs of the custom home building industry. In a time when the market was hot, Logan saved up enough money to build his own spec home in 1997. Turning heads and creating lasting relationships, Timothy Homes was building 6-8 fully custom homes per year, then the market crashed. Like most of the population, Tim and his brother had to get creative with their business and turned to remodeling, house flipping, and even housing a real estate brokerage within their business. With that strategy, Timothy Homes has grown every year since 2010, “We are diversified and feel we could weather any change in the economy,” said Logan.

When asked what has built this successful business, Logan explained, “My philosophy has always been to treat the customer fairly and ensure complete satisfaction throughout the entire building process, and beyond.” Keeping the business within the family, Logan and his brother, co-owners, are the front line for every channel. “I think our customers appreciate the fact they do not have to talk with 10 people before talking with the owners,” said Logan. All decisions also come from the two owners, rather than through site superintendents.

Another building block to Timothy Homes’ foundation of success is their 20-year relationship with suppliers and subcontractors. One of those notable, two-decade relationships has been with McComb Pella Window and Doors. “McComb Pella has supplied all of our windows since 1997. From their sales team, to delivery schedule and follow up after the sale – no window and door supplier is better. I often tell people if they want to see how a successful business is created, go check out McComb Pella Window and Doors. They have done an outstanding job of organizing and running their company,” Logan stated.

Timothy Homes’ dedication to customer satisfaction and their strong vendor relationships have allowed them to rely one hundred percent on word of mouth referrals with no paid advertising in their twenty years of business. “We also believe the best way to get more business is doing a great job for our customers and keeping the supplier/subcontractor relationships strong,” said Logan. There is great value in a true custom home builder. If you’re expecting the highest quality of materials and excellence in service while creating a lasting relationship with a builder, contact Timothy Homes owner, Tim Logan at or 317-465-9000 or co-owner Joe Logan at, or 317-538-0887.






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