by Courtney Walker-Pope & Keriann Logan

Let’s face it, your morning routine can be a little mundane. Wake up, shower, brush your teeth, fix your hair, put on make-up and off you go. It’s that time of day when you are preparing your best self to go out and face the world, so shouldn’t the experience offer more? KOHLER Konnect, a collection of smart home products from Kohler, will elevate the everyday bathroom to be more efficient, more relaxing, and more of an experience to enjoy.


Available on iOS and Android, KOHLER Konnect gives you the control to create your ideal bathroom experience. “Voice services and connected devices have become integrated into every facet of the home – with the notable exception of the bathroom, until now,” said David Kohler, President and CEO of Kohler Co. “Whether you’re getting ready for work, helping your children through their evening bedtime routine or simply in need of some personal relaxation, KOHLER Konnect is the next evolution of our leading-edge kitchen and bathroom innovations that help make these everyday moments better.”


The centerpiece of the KOHLER Konnect system, Verdera® allows you to control your smart bathroom via voice commands. The Verdera® has built-in adjustable LED lighting, motion activated night-lights, and embedded Amazon Alexa so you get all the functionality of Amazon Echo without additional clutter.


Use the pre-programmed temperature and hydrotherapy setups for a spa-like experience, or create your own presets to control water temperature, body sprays, music, lighting, steam and shower duration. With up to six user definable presets, you can have your favorite morning, post-workout, or evening shower at the touch of a button or voice-command.


This smart toilet has it all, an elongated bowl, motion activation, colored night lighting, and self-cleaning. Using the KOHLER Konnect app or touch-screen remote, you can control the heated seat, foot warmer, lighting, and music. According to Kohler, “From its striking form to its exceptional water efficiency, the Numi toilet marks a new standard of excellence in the bathroom.


Although baths are soothing and a wonderful way to wind down, standing over the tub to monitor the fill and perfect the temperature can be a hassle. Imagine simply saying “Start my evening bath”, or just pressing a button in the KOHLER Konnect app, and the tub is filled to your ideal depth and temperature. This can be your reality with Kohler’s PerfectFill technology to control filling, draining, and temperatures so you can relax and enjoy your bath while Verdera® (Alexa) plays your favorite music.

ACo is excited to integrate KOHLER Konnect products into your next bath renovation. When it comes to creating your dream home we know you have many choices and decisions to make. Let us guide you through our proven and worry-free approach and help you “love where you live”. Visit our ACo website at or give us a call to schedule your appointment at 317-688-1872.