By Lauren Littlefield

Next year, Custom Concrete will celebrate 50 years of doing business in Central Indiana. A lot can change in half a century, but one thing remains true, the commitment of Custom Concrete and its employees to set the standard for the poured wall industry. It’s what drives the Westfield-based company that started out in a house back in 1969 – long before Grand Park, when Westfield was a stoplight on State Road 32 between Lebanon and Noblesville.

Today, Custom Concrete trucks can be found at most new residential and commercial job sites, from custom home developments to multi-family living units and retail space, the company has created a name for itself by exceeding expectations again and again.

“We strive to be a reliable and trusted partner,” said Senior Vice President Jason Ells. “We know the majority of work that needs to be done on a residential or commercial build can’t move forward without a solid foundation. It’s a critical piece of the process and if it’s not done right, the entire project is in jeopardy.”

Most home and business owners know their living or office space sits on top of a concrete foundation but few truly know what it’s made of, how its poured, or why it’s even made out of concrete. Even fewer people understand that who pours the concrete foundation is as important as who builds the structure on top of it.

“It’s often something most homeowners take for granted or don’t understand,” said Ells. “Think about it, most people ask who the builder was – not who poured the foundation.”

In a culture that is placing growing emphasis on “Made in America” and keeping jobs within our borders, Custom Concrete proudly serves Central Indiana much as it did in 1969. The company employs men and women as dedicated to its mission as the founders, which is why many employees celebrate 15, 20, and even 30 years with the company each year.

While the company has certainly grown over the years, the mission of the company rings as true today as it did nearly 50 years ago: to provide customers with the high-quality products and services they require and deserve.

Custom Concrete’s commitment to valuing, respecting, and developing the talents of its employees sets it apart from others in the industry. The company has focused for decades on creating a team that is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of every customer, no matter the job or season. Perhaps that’s why it’s been around for half a century, quietly pouring concrete foundations for families and business to build on and grow.