Beyond illumination, lighting can instantly change the look and style of a room from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. A good choice are fixtures that incorporate LED, as they are energy efficient, occupy minimal space and allow for a variety of designs while still providing an exceptional quality of light.

When developing a lighting plan for your home, the lighting experts at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery recommend using the “TADA” method. It stands for: Task, Accent, Decorative and Ambient lighting. By considering all four of these layers of light, you can achieve the proper illumination in any space.

  • Task LED – Whether you are writing, reading or cooking, task LED lighting can add concentrated lighting and style to any room. Table lamps can provide great task lighting for a living room and home office. If you want a bright bathroom, task lighting is key. You’ll want to light the vanity area with a fixture above the mirror or with sconces on either side. When thinking of your kitchen, consider under cabinet lighting, where most of the work takes place.
  • Accent LED – Pendant LED fixtures are great in rooms with high ceilings to add light and visual interest. Ideal over islands and dining areas, pendants offer a decorative accent and soft illumination.
  • Decorative LED – Advancements in this eco-friendly technology creates light in innovative forms that not only mask the LED bulb but also affords for more decorative and stylistic lighting designs. Consider placing these fixtures in the living room to emphasize artwork, sculptures or a large plant.
  • Ambient LED – Set the tone of the room and provide general illumination with ambient LED lighting, which can be found in ceiling fixtures like recessed lighting and chandeliers. Positioning recessed lighting around the perimeter or a chandelier in the center of a room can help the room look bigger and provides an overall comfortable level of light.


When selecting options for your next light fixture, consider these three lighting trends.

  • Respect the Bulb – The choice between tubular or traditional A-shape bulbs will completely transform the look of the fixture. LED options provide additional brightness and performance with a fraction of the heat output and energy cost.
  • Adjustable Fixtures – With a simple twist or turn, adjustable fixtures can adapt to your space and personal style preferences. The flexibility of these interactive pieces provides greater options when selecting home decor.
  • Shapes – Round vs. Rectangular – How to choose? Hint: Start with the existing furniture, textures and colors in the room. Is the furniture contemporary with straight lines or geometric patterns? Complement with a rectangular fixture. Does the room contain multi-pillow seating, large areas of lush carpet or floral motif wallpaper? A round orb fixture will blend all elements together.

When planning your next upgrade, use the tips the pros know to create a space that is functional, well lit and beautifully illuminates your style. For more information, visit your local Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery or to request an appointment with a knowledgeable lighting expert.