By Courtney Walker Pope and Matthew Pope

When two likeminded companies come together, brilliance can be achieved. That is what happened when a client came to HAUS | Architecture, who brought in a trusted partner, Franklin Window & Door to revitalize this 1980’s condo. With “simplicity” as a guiding design principle, the final result integrates elements the client enjoyed on a previous project, while craftily highlighting the main entry, yet ensuring privacy.

“Natural light is critical to all of our projects, and Franklin Window & Door has been an excellent partner in achieving our goals, providing window products, installation, and overall excellent service,” said Chris Short, Principal Architect with HAUS.

This endeavor required teamwork between the two local companies, as there were multiple areas needing creative design solutions. For instance, to maximize the views to the water, the team came up with a new fenestration design achieving a full glass wall. Additionally, this allowed the team to create a more open living space to accentuate the beautiful south courtyard.

Complex design projects, such as this require solid relationships between all parties involved, from the client to the designer to every contractor. HAUS distinguishes themselves by nurturing the client relationship, whether a new build or renovation, from the moment they take the lead on a project. On the trade side, cooperative relationships between contractors and their partners must also exist to accomplish the homeowner + architect vision. Franklin Window & Door and HAUS | Architecture become trusted advisors to the benefit of the consumer. “Trusting our suppliers and contractors allows us to do our jobs more effectively and efficiently,” stated Derek Mills, HAUS Graduate Architect and Project Manager. “As this project moved along, we were excited to see what Scott, Cori and the team at Franklin Window & Door would put together. It turned out excellent.”

HAUS | Architecture relies on vertical integration to maximize the homeowner’s experience – from putting the vision on paper to executing all phases of the construction process; HAUS is truly a hands-on firm from day one. The holistic approach they take is unique to the industry and creates a deeper connection with their client.

Franklin Window & Door brings a deep understanding of spaces, light and a masterfully creative touch to projects. CEO Cori Brown shared, “We want our projects to speak for themselves.” For this particular condo renovation, the interior window finish mimicked the exterior (black frames) – the vision was to ‘picture frame’ the views.

If you find yourself longing for a one-of-a-kind home renovation or new build, contact this trusted design-build team, HAUS | Architecture and Franklin Window & Door at and