by Matt Keating

OnPoint, a brand-new comprehensive provider of commercial real estate solutions, is all about trust, respect, quality and fun. Travis Tucker, chief executive officer for OnPoint, said the company’s team members all left big organizations to form a partnership comprised of a hand-picked team of experts with complementary skill sets. The OnPoint team includes commercial real estate advisors, brokers, and development experts, and a partnership with Meyer Najem Construction.

“The principals all started their careers with privately held companies,” Tucker says. Tucker noted that OnPoint looks at how a great real estate strategy can be a solution. “We are a nimble company that can add unique value. We are a good fit in a lot of resourceful categories. We are having fun and building relationships with people we want to have as clients. It’s all about trust and quality.”

“Our construction partner, Meyer Najem has likened the OnPoint partnership to a Swiss Army knife,” Tucker says. “You have everything you need in one place. We are combining our skill sets. There is a lot that has to be done in building projects with site selection, design, zoning, financing and ownership options and we cover it all.”

From consulting with a data driven approach, to years of combined experience in development, brokerage, and healthcare real estate solutions, OnPoint and their partners at Meyer Najem can ensure you receive the highest quality project and efficient processes that lead to increased speed to market. Development is a significant investment in the community, in your business, and in your future. OnPoint is there to guide you through all of your options and facilitate a smooth project. Enjoy the experience of giving your vision a presence.

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