by Phil Hotle

Whether you’re moving into a new home or looking at making changes to your existing home, inexpensive updates can add value and bring it in line with your overall taste. When most homeowners think of updating their homes, they immediately think “how much will this update cost?” and “how much time will I have to invest?”

Not all updates have to be expensive or extensive renovations. Here are five affordable home improvement projects that will help you enjoy your home more now and provide a financial return in the future.


Crown molding makes rooms seem both bigger and taller. It’s an elegant addition to any home but be careful with proportions. If your ceiling height is 9 feet or less, go with simpler styles to avoid overwhelming the space. Don’t forget about chair railings or adding trim to room entryways.


Old ceiling fans can be an eyesore and take away from the overall look of your home. Updating your ceiling fans, along with a fresh paint job and crown molding can give your rooms a refreshing update while saving money.


When you think of updating your home, adding trees isn’t usually top of the list. Homeowners and buyers love trees and landscaping. Besides adding value to your home, trees provide privacy and better curb appeal. There are endless benefits to updating your home with trees.


Outdoor lighting gives a great first impression. It can be as simple as changing porch and coach lights, or you could add landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting has so many options. Be sure to choose a warm, white light to make your home look and feel welcoming.


If you are always running out of storage, consider creative storage solutions that will add a dynamic look in your home or garage. Some of our favorite ideas are to open drywall to create storage cubbies between your wall’s studs, install platform storage that hangs from your garage ceiling, or create a built-in place to hang coats, backpacks and a bench for shoes.