by Courtney Walker-Pope

As fall approaches, there’s a natural instinct for people to gather together. A home bar with plenty of countertop space for food, drinks and seating is where the crowd tends to gather. Additionally, the bar can be a place for you and your significant other to unwind after a long week. With a few sensible selections, this private space will transform into your go-to hosting room.

“Exotic granites are an excellent countertop choice for this space,” said owner Cory Kroger. These one-of-a-kind stones from Brazil and India are composed of unique minerals and colors particular to those regions; the composition is stunning, becoming a work of art for your bar. Kroger adds, “Consider a continuous look with the same granite as a book-match from the upper bar to a lower seating area. This gives one consistent, unique finish throughout the space.”

All-to-often forgotten during the design process, is choosing great lighting to compliment your design aesthetic and granite selection. Pair the light switch with a dimmer to set the mood for parties or quiet nights at home. When it comes to plumbing, “The best sink to accommodate all granites is a stainless steel under mount sink. They complement the stone, are easy to clean and create a seamless line of sight for the client,” Kroger suggested.

With the colder months drawing near, contact Stone Artisans to begin the process of designing your bar. Kroger and his professional team will provide a free estimate and the guidance you need with your stone selection. Stone Artisans can be reached at 317-874-8955 or at