by Matt Keating

Jon Elliott, owner of Tailored Living, wants clients to know his business is a one-stop shop for organizing your entire home.

“We offer a complete in-home consultation,” Elliott says. “We look at a home, and how we can utilize the homeowner’s space. We find out how we can increase their functionality and maximize their existing storage. We can help them create a more efficient bedroom closet if they need it. A lot of people feel like they just don’t have enough room in the garage, so we give you more space with our custom storage solutions.”

Elliott noted that Tailored Living “differentiates themselves from their competitors with the ability to offer innovative storage solutions anywhere in the home.”

Elliott said many people are looking for custom bedroom and garage cabinets, and wall storage solutions tailored to their family’s activities. They are also looking for functional, custom home offices.

“There are so many people working from home these days, and they want a built-in home office design that is both inviting and efficient,” Elliot said. “They also sometimes want the same space to be used as a guest room. We find out how to maximum your home office space by designing workspaces that are ergonomically friendly. We have a wide range of home office storage cabinets, hanging files, ergonomic keyboards, glassinset doors and decorative crown moldings.”

Custom Murphy Beds from Tailored Living also offer an ideal space saving solution for the home office or extra bedroom, according to Elliott. “We use custom designs to make it look great,” he said. “They are hidden inside finely crafted, custom cabinets. Putting in a custom wall bed is like adding a room at a fraction of the cost.”

If you are looking for creative ways to organize your home, schedule a consultation with Tailored Living and get a customized solution designed to suit your need, call us at 317-842-4272.