THE BAER MINIMALIST: A Recipe for a Gorgeous + Functional Pantry

The Baer Minimalist A Recipe for a Gorgeous + Functional Pantry

by Maria Baer

Chances are, your pantry is one of the top contenders for the most trafficked storage space in your home. It is way too easy for this space to get crowded, but with this simple recipe your pantry will be gorgeous and functional in no time.


It’s amazing how many items are hidden inside the pantry that expired one, two, sometimes eight years ago. Toss anything expired and consider donating items to a local food pantry that won’t be consumed in time. From there, pull all beverages from their cardboard containers, toss the bulk packaging that eats up valuable space and give those shelves a good wipe down.


Think of your grocery shopping experience and create similar zones that fit your family’s lifestyle, such as breakfast, baking, grab and go snacks, and canned goods. Keep items that your family reaches for daily on the most accessible shelves.


If you like seeing quantities of ingredients on hand, opt for clear containers or bins to house your pantry staples. If you opt to use plastic containers to store cereal or snacks, make sure to add an expiration date to the bottom of the container. If your preference is out of sight, out of mind, woven baskets look incredibly streamlined on pantry shelves.


Perfect for holding vinegars, oils and jars, these are a pantry’s best friend.


Pantries are also the space in your home that gets replenished most often, so labeling is uber-important. My favorite markers for labeling are these chalk markers that come in such vibrant colors and work on tons of different surfaces.

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