BAGI: People Suck | How to Deal with Difficult People

BAGI People Suck | How to Deal with Difficult People

2019 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT EVENT RECAP Featured Speaker: Amy Woodall, Executive Vice President at Sandler Training

In a world chalked full of timelines, promises, and high expectations it isn’t enough to simply be good at your craft. Doing a job well done is half the battle. Finger pointing, blame, and good ole Indiana weather can throw a wrench in even the most skilled craftsman’s plans. How it’s handled before, during and after makes all the difference in the success of the job and longevity of the relationship. Many folks will claim they love their job if it weren’t for people. Can you relate?

Over 460 of you joined us in January to learn how to better deal with these challenging encounters. The energy in the room was incredible as members and colleagues of all roles came together to grow. Amy spoke of taking ownership of what is in our control and working to better understand the people around us. Take a look at a couple takeaways and be sure to join us for the next one!

Tips for Managing Expectations:

  1. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS AT THE RIGHT TIME Don’t do all the talking. Get them engaged by asking questions and seeking to understand their expectations for the outcome.
  2. PRACTICE THE ART OF UNDER PROMISING AND OVER DELIVERING With clearly communicated expectations, you’ll know how you’re being “graded” and can surpass the bar!
  3. GAIN AGREEMENT State the overall goal, spell out roles and timelines clearly, and ask them if they agree.

Steps for Dealing with Difficult People:

  1. LISTEN: Be there and present in the conversation without immediately formulating your response.
  2. PROVE IT: State back what you heard them say.
  3. REMAIN CALM: Don’t try to interrupt or correct.
  5. GET CURIOUS: Don’t just make assumptions, ask open-ended questions.
  7. NEGOTIATE THE OUTCOME: Offer ideas to resolve but also ask what they are hoping for.
  8. FOLLOW UP: Check in afterwards.
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