by Suzanne Huntzinger

When choosing outdoor lighting, it’s just as important to choose something that goes beautifully with the décor as it is to provide security. Security lighting illuminates the dark areas around your house, preventing unwanted visitors from getting too close. “It gives the homeowner an extra sense of safety,” says Jansen Burtner, Electrician at Burtner Electric, “But even though security often means protection from unwanted guests, it also gives light to invited guests. They get to the house safely and avoid tripping while going to the porch or down the driveway.”

The most effective way to provide security lights is to illuminate large areas at night. “Make sure all dark areas of the backyard, sides of the house and the front of the house are brightly lit,” Burtner says. Customers have a few options for security lighting. There are motion lights which turn on when they sense nearby movement, lights controlled by a switch and dusk-to-dawn lights. Most homeowners use post lights to light the driveway and porch lights to see near the front door.

“Many models of security lighting allow the homeowner to control the direction of the lights,” Burtner says, “Aim the light close to the house or far from it to maximize the area illuminated. Just be careful not to shine the lights into the neighbor’s house.”

Identify the dark spots outside your home, then call 317-773-7663 or visit the experts at Burtner Electric to update your security lighting.