Twenty years ago, Amanda Burcham walked into the small but thriving Custom Concrete offices and started her first day as a dispatcher. Hired directly by co-founder Tim Carr, she spent the majority of her time making sure crews knew where to go and what work needed to be done. Her desk was in a house-turned-office, and she knew every employee by name.

Amanda shares, “Our offices were in houses, and the majority of the workers were on crews, not sitting behind a desk. Today, we have about 225 employees and a beautiful office building where we’re more spread out, but I still know just about everyone.”

Since 1998, Custom Concrete has changed – evolved from its humble beginnings to a fast-growing company. Today they operate from their corporate headquarters in Westfield just west of US-31 near Grand Park and many other new construction projects off of State Road 32. This year marks 50 years in business for the Hamilton County-based company.

“Westfield has really grown in the past twenty years,” says Amanda. “The city has taken off, and Custom Concrete’s been a part of that growth.”

Today, Amanda is a senior account coordinator splitting her time between managing subcontractors and working alongside Custom Concrete’s sales team, assisting with billing and purchase orders.

“If you had told me I’d work for a company that pours foundations for over 20 years back in the 90s, I would have said you were crazy,” she laughs. “But, there’s something different about Custom Concrete. I’ve grown up with the company. And, at the end of the day, I really respect the Carr family. They have built a great organization. The people he has hired over the years have stuck with it because we all believe in the vision for the business and appreciate the way the company is managed.”

Founded in 1969, Custom Concrete has been a longstanding Westfield, IN business with deep roots to the area. Through the years, builders, contractors, and homeowners have grown to depend on Custom Concrete’s expertise because so much depends on getting it right. It’s a reputation the Carr family built for themselves and carries on today through employees like Amanda.

“It’s not an industry where you would think there would be a lot of female workers, but I have never felt like the odd man out. Custom Concrete feels like home,” she says.

Custom Concrete’s dedicated focus on building a business environment that is based on the sound principles of trust, integrity, pride, and faith has attracted ideal team players for decades. Opportunities for growth, both for the individual and the company, continue to abound.

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