Planning for curated lighting and privacy through window treatments is often overlooked in the build process by homeowners, architects, and builders. However, window treatments make a surprisingly big impact on how you enjoy your home. If you’ve ever experienced a room that is uncomfortably hot from afternoon sun or tried to fall asleep in a bedroom riddled with light, you know how important the right window treatments can be.

If you plan to have motorized and minimalist treatments, you’ll want to prewire and plan the correct size spaces for hidden treatments. If you skip this important step, you’ll limit your options significantly for true modern recessed treatments.

Recessing allows for treatments to virtually disappear while giving you a chic and modern look when closed. Drapery Street’s 10-step process ensures your project is done perfectly and you only get one chance to do this right. We manage the entire process so you can relax and know every detail is covered.


  • Allowing proper space in walls for recessed treatment
  • Hiding electrical power to achieve a clean look
  • Determining how the treatment will be operated: mobile app, wall switch, remote, or home automation system
  • Selecting the right treatment by room: less experienced specialists often select the same treatment in each room, when in fact the function can (and should) vary room to room

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