by Matt Keating | photos by Leah Tribbett

Franklin Window & Door’s exclusive event at their Carmel showroom on February 6 was a great success featuring several innovative companies and products. Cori Brown, CEO and Window & Door Designer at Franklin, was thrilled to host top interior designers from Indianapolis and Carmel for this wonderful showcase.

“We featured Squid, an exciting new way to dress up windows with self-adhesive fabric for both Residential and Commercial products,” Brown said.

The Squid fabric allows you to see out but stops people outside from looking in during the day. It’s a great way to protect your privacy. It’s also easy to install without any fixtures or fittings.

Squid is also versatile. It’s the only window covering that can be used with any type and shape of window. The fabric Squid uses has a beautiful, natural feel. Its unique texture makes it easy to care for, and suitable for any interior or type of architecture.

“We also showcased Kundalini Lighting, an Italian lighting company based out of Milan,” Brown says.

Kundalini Lighting is popular for “creating illumination that directly addresses awareness and intention within spaces.”

“I love that all of the lighting is produced by a different designer, and they provide information about the designer on their website,” Brown said. “I love that the lighting is like a ‘work of art.’ Some are colorful, while others are elegant. It’s a nice variety, but even more so, really shows the personality of the designer.”

The Kundalini Designers’ lighting at the event included the work of Alberto Saggia and Valerio Somella. Saggia graduated from Politecnico of Milan in 2004, with a specialization in Lighting Design. He immediately began working with Métis Lighting Studio in Milan. Over his 10 years there, he carried out several important projects all around the world, attending the entire development of custom-made lighting solutions for various projects.

Sommella graduated cum laude from the Politecnico of Milan in 2004 and began his design career working with Stefan Giovannoni. He later moved to Amsterdam, where he joined Marcel Wanders’ team. He settled back in Milan, and opened his design studio, where he designs products in different fields, from furniture to consumer goods and lighting for both Italian and international clients.

Saggia and Somella designed the Kushi Floor lamp, an opal diffuser made of two layers of mouth blown glass.

The Franklin event also included The Evita AquiliAlberg, a dimmable Florida lamp. It has a composite body structure of multilayered steel and techno polymers, with an opal matt diffuser.

AcquiliAlberg is a Milan-based international design and architectural studio that boasts prestigious collaborations both in the field of architecture and the design sector. The studio designed for Kundalini for the first time, using the most innovative technologies of production.

Also featured at the Franklin event was the work of Lorenzo Finestre.

Brown said, “Lorenzo Finestre was developed because we saw a need to help Small to Medium European Enterprises not only enter the North American market, but to navigate this market as well.” Lorenzo Finestre specializes in European Architectural Products.

Visit the Franklin Window & Door Showroom in Carmel for more information on these exciting products and more, or go online at to schedule a free design consultation with their expert team.