by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos Anna Powell Teeter

It’s that time of year when homeowners start looking for ideas to renew their space. New artwork and décor can accomplish this with a high impact. According to Andrea Kleymeyer, Executive Director of the Indiana Design Center, people don’t often think about art until the end of the project. Kleymeyer recommends doing the opposite.

“A designer at one of our galleries has a motto: ‘Start with art,’” says Kleymeyer. “Then design a room around it.” Not only does art add personal flair, but selecting pieces from area galleries is a great way to support local artists.

Another way homeowners choose to refresh their space is by bringing the outdoors in via natural materials. “We’re seeing a lot of reclaimed wood in coffee and console tables that are handmade from trees or other natural items that are salvaged locally,” says Kleymeyer. Succulents are also wildly popular, as is the fiddle fig tree.

“Think about what inspires you in nature,” says Kleymeyer. “If you’re a beach person, perhaps it’s seashells or coral.”

When it comes to sprucing up the outdoor living space, look to purchase furniture, fabrics, and electronics that echo your interior décor, but can withstand the elements. This is key since so many people like to entertain on patios, porches, and decks.

Finally, consider hiring a designer who can help with everything from the big picture concept all the way down to the small details and execution.

The Indiana Design Center is located at 200 Rangeline Road in Carmel. For more information, visit or call 317-569-5975.