by Matt Keating | photos Amy Payne

Finding a client’s unique jewelry style and needs takes a special touch.

Just ask Michael Neylon, President and Master Craftsman of Master Jewelers. Starting with only $137 and his hand tools, Mike built Master Jewelers from a small operation out of his garage, performing work for jewelers around Central Indiana, to the beloved custom jewelry store it is today. His love for jewelry is evident in every facet of the business, but shines through most in the relationships he develops with each and every person he assists.

“We really get to know our clients,” Neylon said recently in his store. “They become like friends and end up sharing our joy with each new creation we dream up. We have a staff filled with true artisans and craftsmen.” Master Jewelers takes time to partner with their clients to discover their individual tastes and needs.

Elissa, one of our clients, wanted to have a special diamond mounted in a custom ring in her mother’s honor. After many failed attempts by her local jeweler, he suggested visiting Master Jewelers. To her surprise, Michael and his team created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

“My ring is AMAZING. I absolutely love everything about it. It is hard to find words to describe how I feel and how happy I am to have my mom with me every day. You and the whole staff have been so supportive and on top of everything since the moment I walked through that door and I can’t thank you enough!!! I know you carry the people you have loved and lost in your heart and through the memories you made but it is almost comforting to have something tangible that I can look down and see every day and know she is with me. Master Jewelers and you gave me that! We will be in touch! I will be in to get it cleaned and inspected, of course! Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!” – Elissa

If you need advice on repair work or custom creation, consultations are always provided free-of-charge by the staff of Master Jewelers. They are also happy to clean and inspect your jewelry for free, even if your items were purchased elsewhere.

“We offer the best staff expertise you can find,” he says. “We provide award-winning, high quality custom designs, as well as diamonds that are sourced from mines that adhere to strict labor, trade and environmental standards. That is very important to us and our clients.”

Genevieve Ryann, Graduate Gemologist, said customers appreciate the broad spectrum of resources Master Jewelers provides. “We can really do whatever the customers want,” she said. “They appreciate the fact that we have so much to choose from, both in-store and through custom creation. We work with designers, gem cutters, and diamond mines from around the world.”

Find your style and visit the specialists at Master Jewelers for a truly personalized jewelry buying experience.