by Courtney Walker-Pope


In Indiana, we are graced with four seasons – seasons that might not seem ideal for outdoor living but Rob Delaby, Oasis Outdoor Living and Landscapes owner and creative architect, sees it differently. Delaby and Oasis Outdoor are committed to designing outdoor living spaces for all seasons, their commitment to unique and specialized outdoor living designs continues to drive their business forward.

“The outdoor space doesn’t have to be just for spring and summer. With the right design and planning, your backyard can be a beautiful, functional space throughout the year,” Delaby said. Oasis Outdoor can help you transform your covered patio or gazebo into a cozy entertainment space with the addition of an outdoor TV, fireplace, and patio heaters that allow you to enjoy your space even as the temperature drops. Find the perfect outdoor ottoman or built in seating to store blankets and a supply of hot cocoa to keep guests warm under the stars and you have instantly created the ideal place for neighbors to gather and for your family to connect all year.

Assisting the customer in answering the question, “How will I use my space?” is critical to the Oasis Outdoor team’s success over the years. Each project being distinctively unique, the company thrives on tailoring each backyard design to be functional year-round and to represent the homeowner’s lifestyle. “We have often said as a family, the outdoor space extended the living space of our home. It’s made our home feel larger and more accommodating for all seasons,” said The Day Family in Fishers, Indiana.

“Help us understand how you want your outdoor space to look and feel and how you will use it for family or entertaining throughout the year,” Delaby said, “tell us what you need and what you want, and we will give you a plan with the solution.”

One of the key members in designing that solution is lead landscape designer, Rob Shea. “It’s really exciting to work with the customers to go through all the different aspects of landscaping and their specific property,” explains Shea. “We go beyond adding a patio and calling it a day. If we see something that might better improve the value of the property, we will suggest those ideas. Ideally our designs will support outdoor living – spring, summer, fall and even winter.”

Delaby knows the expense and concern that goes along with a backyard renovation so they offer an initial complimentary evaluation to review the site, discuss needs, and get a firm understanding of how the space will be used throughout the year. Oasis Outdoor presents initial ideas and designs with each client to ensure everybody is on the same page, but more importantly, that they have successfully designed an outdoor living space that will suit the client’s lifestyle for all seasons and for years to come.

“The most exciting time is when everything is finalized and they get to see everything that is going to be in their backyard,” says Andrew Helmkamp, Director of Outdoor Living. Oasis can fully conceptualize design specific plans for each client, sometimes, even presenting in their client’s own backyard. “It starts with understanding our client’s needs and how they want to live in their space. From there we, as designers, take the clients vision and show those ideas in fantastic detail. Our clients get excited when they realize they can see and understand what their outdoor living space will look like through our cutting-edge technology,” says Shea.

“We really enjoyed the 3-D walkthrough before we finalized the design. We got a perfect idea of what the space would look like. Today, it’s nice to come out to our patio to talk, read or have dinner. There’s enough room to entertain and host small gatherings. It brings everybody outside!” The Day Family, Fishers, Indiana.

Consider all the ways you will spend time with your family and friends this year and know that Oasis Outdoor has the team, tools, and experience to create an incredible backyard extension of your home for all four seasons. Call 317-485-6514 for your free consultation or visit and let them help you answer the question, “How will I use my space?”