photos by Angela Jackson Photography

So whats all the buzz about? If you have an adventurous spirit and like to explore, then you cannot deny the current “buzz” revolving around bourbon! It’s one of the movements in today’s culture that has everyone considering what their palette might be craving. Lodged right in the middle of corn country, next-door to Indiana, Kentucky houses over 70 licensed bourbon distilleries. Most of these are located near Lexington, Bardstown, and Frankfort. Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail gives Hoosiers a real opportunity to take a short road trip to tour how this corn byproduct is capturing the attention of today’s world!

Bourbons have become popular due to their smooth, sweet, and smoky finish. Additionally, bourbons are known for their variety and qualities unique to each distillery. Much like a wine vintner, a bourbon craftsman can customize their work to attract a variety of palettes. There are endless ways to naturally embellish the final flavor of a bourbon, from the blend of grains, to the char of the barrel, to the aging process and beyond.

Similar to wine, today’s bourbons are being paired and served in some very creative ways; room temperature, with a whiskey stone or on ice, or combined with unique ingredients for a craft cocktail.  Bourbon is taking over cocktail menus with ingenious concoctions from creative bartenders. But unlike an uncorked bottle of wine, bourbon doesn’t go bad. You can have a 2 oz pour and shelve it. It will be waiting for you the next time you decide to indulge, and customize your very own bourbon buzz!

Much like a seasoned bourbon distillery, Stone Artisans shares its experience and expertise in creating unique countertops and surfaces. Stone Artisans can create a stunning bar or surface for your very own bourbon space. “One of our favorite customizations was an extraordinarily unique residential bar. We met and exceeded our client’s dream of the perfect space,” says Cory Kroger, owner of Stone Artisans. “We creatively incorporated a mixture of mediums such as heat-treated metal strapping with hand-forged rivets inlayed into the granite. We also added an arch to the barn wood covered wall and bar top to replicate a wine barrel.” (photo shown above)

Next time you’re out and about sipping bourbon at your favorite bar or relaxing at home with your single barrel bourbon of choice, remember that Stone Artisans can assist you in customizing your space. They have designed and installed hundreds of bars and kitchens in the midwest, while capturing all their client’s desires and dreams.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Stone Artisans can craft a custom project for your home or business. Contact the creative staff at Stone Artisans by email at to explore your options along with our expertise. Mention “Haven Home” to receive a free consultation.