by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos Hanke Photography


Whether you’re looking to build a brand-new custom home, complete with your own individualized touches, or you want to breathe new life into an existing space in your home, the  team can make your dreams a reality. Whicker Construction is a low-volume, upscale, custom builder/remodeler with a customer-driven approach. Building approximately 6-8 custom homes a year, as well as 12-18 remodels or whole-house “refreshers,” they purposefully limit the amount of work they take on in order to ensure top-notch craftsmanship with each project.

“We’re not focused on growth,” says Brad Whicker, the company’s owner. “We don’t strive to go from 6-8 homes to 10-12 to 12-14 and up. We are comfortable with the quantity of the projects we produce because we care about providing the client with a great experience. We do that by limiting our volume of work, so we can concentrate on the end product.”

They tackle room additions, master bath remodels, kitchen renovations, exterior enhancements, as well as siding, roofing, and guttering. Even entire house renovations are painless as the team works to minimize disruption to the homeowners’ routines.

“We’re all about providing a positive customer experience,” says Whicker. “We promise a quick response, reliable service, and superior product.”

Whicker Construction, a staple in the area for the past 30 years, does things a bit differently than some companies. They employ several in-house carpenters who perform a variety of work on homes – everything from minor rough frame carpentry to whole house interior trim, which they do exclusively on all of their homes.

“That type of work is being performed by Whicker employees versus a trade contractor that we may or may not have at our disposal,” explains Whicker. “That’s one of a few things that separate us from the rest.”

Whicker Construction provides not just high-quality work, but superior products such as Pella supplied by McComb Window & Door. This dedication to craftsmanship hasn’t gone unnoticed, which is why Whicker Construction was selected to participate in the 2019 Home-A-Rama to take place this fall in the Pemberton subdivision in Zionsville.

“We are one of five builders who are participating in the Home-A-Rama,” says Whicker, who uses McComb Window & Door, the exclusive supplier of Pella products, at every opportunity.

“We utilize their product so much because they are a great company to deal with – sales, services, accounting, every aspect,” says Whicker. “They are one of my most valued vendors because they are a company with a great deal of integrity.”

The Whicker team enjoys facilitating the design work of each project, and always engaging in ongoing communication with the buyer, in order to create a beautiful and affordable home.

“We work closely with each client to accommodate their lifestyle and construction needs,” says Whicker.

Get more information about the highly skilled team at Whicker Construction, visit, or call 317-839-8353 for a free estimate.