We love a good trend forecast! It’s exciting to see how homeowners are choosing to integrate new and different options into their decor to enhance style, functionality, and performance.

So, what are the hottest kitchen trends of 2019?

  1. More Drawers One mega-trend is the desire to create a more streamlined, clutter-free space. To this end, people are choosing deeper, wider drawers instead of kitchen cabinets with doors. They’re more accessible, making it easier to reach an item when you need it while offering practical storage options. We’ve all had to stretch and strain to grab a spice or a dish that’s way in the back of an upper cabinet! More integrated drawers solve one kitchen problem.
  2. More Functional Storage On a similar note, cabinets are becoming more practical. Features like pull-out and roll-out trays and shelves make it easier to access kitchen essentials. Pantry cabinets are also making a big splash, and several models feature sliding and pull-out shelves so finding that must-have ingredient is a breeze. We’re seeing lots of rustic wood for a homey, classic, and ageless appeal.
  3. Less is More Simple, streamlined, and clean is no doubt a top kitchen trend of 2019. How are homeowners paring down on clutter and creating gorgeous style? Many are opting for fewer wall cabinets and even eliminating upper cabinets completely. Bold! It certainly is. Removing or designing your kitchen without upper cabinets does open up the space, making it appear larger, airier, and far less crowded.
  4. Open Shelving and Metal Shelving Another option that many homeowners are pursuing is open cabinets. These too, create a more streamlined aesthetic look, allowing you to display interesting dishware and other items, while helping you reduce clutter. While wood is the traditional choice (and still a gorgeous one) for open shelving, we’re also seeing more metal. This helps create that sleek aesthetic and adds a little spice to your kitchen.
  5. Handle-less Cabinets These kitchen cabinets do not have traditional hardware; instead, they have channels, or special grooves, that allow for easy opening. The benefit is – you guessed it – a more streamlined look and feel for this important space. Plus, you won’t bump your hip or snag your sweater on handles or knobs anymore.

These top kitchen trends are not just flashes in the pan. They will endure and help you create a look that stands the test of time beautifully, so you can love where you live for years to come. If you are feeling inspired to update and streamline your kitchen, contact ACo at (317) 688-1872 for a free in-home design consultation.