We’re constantly made aware of issues related to outdoor air quality; our weather apps alert us to high pollen counts and Knozone Action Day alerts tell us when it’s best to stay indoors, so, we stay inside. But could the air quality inside our homes be as bad or even worse than the air outdoors? And could our flooring be contributing to poor air quality we breathe inside?

Yes and yes.

The flooring our babies crawl on, our pets pad across, and our bare feet shuffle over could be emitting volatile organic compounds that can contribute to a number of health issues.

But not Shaw flooring.

Shaw flooring comes with the FloorScore Certification, the most recognized indoor air quality certification for hard surface flooring materials. Having the FloorScore certification means that the flooring product has been independently certified under stringent standards as a product that will contribute to good indoor air quality. In other words, the FloorScore certification means healthier, cleaner air.

And that means healthier babies, pets, and the rest of us.

“Shaw is known for being green,” said Todd Moretto, Sales and Design Consultant with ACo.” “They use recycled products, no formaldehyde, are ortho-phthalates free, have low off-gasses, and they have a great FloorScore.”

Volatile organic compounds – gasses given off by a number of sources – are everywhere; the trick is reducing them inside our homes where they are much higher.

Formaldehyde is one of the most common such compounds, found in many building materials like plywood, particleboard and glues. Other sources of these compounds include the burning of fuels (gas, wood, and kerosene), and tobacco products. They can also come from personal care products like perfume and hair spray, cleaning agents, paints, varnishes, and hobby supplies. Ortho-phthalates are chemicals used to make plastic and other materials flexible but have been shown to alter hormone levels and cause serious health issues.

Since the concentrations of all of these compounds are higher indoors than outdoors, we do things like open windows, replace filters, and keep dangerous chemicals out of reach of children.

But these compounds are nearly impossible to get rid of entirely, which may be why in the last few years more and more clients have been asking for ortho-phthalate-free flooring, Moretto said. “People are concerned about the products that go in their homes, so when it comes to a greener, healthier flooring option, Shaw is head and shoulders above other major brands.

“At Shaw, we fundamentally believe that everyone should have access to safe, sustainable products for their homes and workspaces,” said Troy Virgo, director, sustainability and product stewardship at Shaw. “The effort matters because people matter.”

ACo is proud to partner with Shaw Floors to give you a home with flooring that is not only beautiful, but also safe and environmentally friendly. Call us at 317-688-1872 for a free in-home consultation or to learn more about Shaw Floors available from ACo.