by Christy Heitger-Ewing

After enduring the long brutal winter and fickle first days of spring, we are elated that fullon spring has officially arrived. As Scott Bardash, marketing director at Allisonville Nursery Garden & Home, says, “People are so ready for it!”

Thrilled to usher in a new warmer season, homeowners are eager to freshen up their landscaping by utilizing container gardens filled with bright, blooming flowers.

“Container gardens can go anywhere,” says Bardash, noting that they look great as groupings as well. “Mixed containers provide a big splash of color and are a relatively inexpensive way to always have something fresh.”

A beautiful option is the bobo hydrangea, which is constantly covered with white blooms. A bonus: it stays compact and dwarf so it never gets overgrown and out of hand.

“Bobo hydrangea looks wonderful with boxwoods,” says Bardash, who also mentions a new rose called At Last (like the song) that has orange flowers and a sweet fragrance. Not only is it easy to care for but it also blooms profusely.

To energize a home’s interior, Bardash recommends adding bright, bold throw pillows and other decorative spring accents. Doing so is especially easy these days since neutral paint colors are currently trending.

“The benefit is that you can easily change the seasonal feel of a room by changing out a couple of pieces,” says Bardash.

Artwork with vibrant floral shades will also make a space feel like springtime.

“And don’t overlook switching your candles and scents,” says Bardash. “Fresh florals or natural grassy scents will help get you in the mood for spring.”

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