by Courtney Walker Pope

By this time of year many of us have traveled for first quarter business or Spring Break 2019 and stayed in hotels with spectacular vanity lighting and mirrors, putting our homes to shame. The glorious lighting found in hotel vanities can help with makeup application and hair styling, leaving guests feeling fresh, confident and ready to tackle their trip all in record time! Talk about self-love and self-care – Burtner Electric is here to help do just that in your home!

Specific design elements certainly help with a bathroom’s ambiance, but lighting will seal the deal. There’s a lot to consider when planning for vanity lighting, so where should you start?

† COLOR RENDERING INDEX: Consider a CRI of 90+ (best being 100). This would include incandescent or halogen bulbs with the highest CRI and specific LED or fluorescent bulbs close behind.

† COLOR TEMPERATURE: 2700-3000 Kelvins is a great range. It keeps the color a warm temperature, which people are most familiar and comfortable with.

† ANGLE: If no diffuser is present around the bulb, angle the fixture 45 degrees toward the user’s standing position.

† FOOT CANDLES: For optimal makeup application and face care, apply 50-75 foot candles (units of light measurement) toward the user’s standing position.

† BUILT-IN: One of the trends with modern vanity lighting – lighting built-in to the mirror system! This provides all the above without having to consider much else.

Burtner Electric has been serving the community since 1986 and are true experts in the electrical and lighting industry. They are here to help optimize your home with vanity lighting updates! Burtner can be reached for free estimates at 317-773-7663 or at