This year, Custom Concrete in Westfield is celebrating 50 years of business in Central Indiana. And while most builders and residents today are accustomed to seeing the blue and white Custom Concrete trucks and equipment on job sites or in transit during the morning or evening commute, the company we recognize is quite a bit different than how it started out. To understand the business today and its longevity throughout the region, it’s helpful to go back in time to 1969 where it all began.

Joe Carr grew up in Arkansas and moved to Indiana after marrying his wife, Betty, to build a life for themselves and start a family. With his blue truck, he started his own business, Custom Framing, and started framing houses for Jim Walter Homes and later CAP Homes. When a poured wall company in Kansas City went out of business, Joe recognized the opportunity and bought a set of their steel forms.

Overtime, Joe’s business grew into Custom Concrete and he and Betty led the company with the support of their four children, Tim, Tom, Jim and Missy.

Joe believed in making opportunities, not just for himself and his family but for his business as well. He never stopped looking for ways to do business better, so he could offer a more quality product to customers. Most notably, Joe created the concept of the “ready to wear” basement, a completely turn-key style of concrete foundation work.

“When you buy a shirt, you expect it to have all the buttons on, be starched, ironed and ready to wear,” Joe said.

Joe’s legacy of hard work and dedication has only grown stronger over the years, even as the company grew from his property into a new headquarters in 2005. His approach to doing business and strong work ethic still guides hiring decisions today and is part of the workplace culture very much present from job sites to the board room.

Unlike many companies, Custom Concrete regularly honors employees for their fifteenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth, and event thirtieth anniversaries with the company. Many of these team members remember the early days, working with Joe and Betty, and are still present to share the rich history of the company and its founder with new hires. This sense of history, team and belonging is what makes Custom Concrete the “destination employer” it is in the community today.

Joe Carr’s dedicated focus on building a business environment that was based on the sound principles of trust, integrity, pride, and faith has attracted ideal team players for decades. And opportunities for growth, both for the individual and the company, continue to abound well into the future.

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