by Matt Keating

Purchasing a high quality television can sometimes be a tough task. Just ask Nathan Robison, head sales engineer for Digital Sight & Sound.

“The first question people have when I suggest our new 8K TV (a TV that has the ability to display images up to 8K resolution) for their family room or basement recreation area, is ‘What is the point of 8K, when 4K just came out, and we barely have any 4K programming as it is?’ Well, 4K TVs were released with 4K programming in mind, such as 4K streaming, 4K bluray players, and upcoming 4K channels,” Robison said. “They look great. However, so much of the programming we watch is still not 4K, and we are a ways off from that being true.”

Robison noted that the problem is that televisions keep getting bigger and bigger, but people aren’t scooting their couches back. “This process will continue to magnify the imperfections in any video signal,” Robison said. “So with the latest up conversion technology in the new 8K TVs, we will watch our favorite programming in the absolute best quality we have seen yet.”

By doubling the number of pixels both vertically and horizontally, Robison says 4K TVs quadrupled the number of pixels from their 1080p predecessor.

“And the 8K TV has done that once again,” Robison stayed. “However, the 8K TV is built to not only accept resolutions up to 8K, but scale every signal up with the most advanced technology to date.” Robison sees a lot of new technology pop up all the time, yet rarely does he find himself genuinely impressed. “The 8K TV impressed me, and the next primary viewing TV I purchase for my own home will be an 8K. These are going to be a very hot item, and we are already stocking them and shipping them out to happy homes.”