There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting on the back patio, sipping a glass of wine, and enjoying the views… that is until the bugs start biting, the sun gets in your eyes, and the heat becomes overwhelming. There is actually a simple solution to combat these problems so you can fully enjoy your patio. That solution is exterior roller shades and bug screens.

We wanted to offer our clients a great outdoor product so we spent an expansive amount of time searching for and testing exterior window treatments. We wanted a product that looks great, holds up over time, blocks heat and insects without blocking views, and operates like a dream. We ruled out product after product until we finally found ones that excel in each of these categories. We are excited to announce that Drapery Street customizes and installs exterior roller shades and bug screens.

HOW THEY’RE DIFFERENT The exterior roller shades we offer not only look great, they deliver several benefits including:

  • A substantial reduction in sun glare and harmful UV rays without blocking views.
  • Motorized operation options which make raising and lowering your outdoor shade a breeze.
  • Sensors that can automatically move shades in the sun and rain.
  • Solar Insect Shades prevent insects, including biting midges, from entering covered patios, porches, and decks.

Would you like to learn more about our outdoor roller shades? Set up a complimentary design consultation and we’ll customize a beautiful solution for your outdoor living space. Call 317-399-1746 or visit