by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Franklin Window & Door, the premiere dealer and distributor for the next generation of products, is changing the face of building in the Indianapolis area. Bringing the latest and greatest products, designs, and ideas to the market from manufacturers and designers, they are leading innovation.

“We’re always trying to raise the game, not only by bringing the best products to the market but by also being thought leaders so that we might help people live more expansively,” says Cori Brown, CEO and Window and Door Designer at Franklin. They’re also helping builders and architects think and work outside the box.

For instance, Gary Nance, owner and CEO of Gary Nance Design, is always pushing the extreme of window glass. So, to facilitate a design, he calls Scott Brown, COO and New Construction Specialist at Franklin because he knows that unlike a typical supplier who may decline an idea based on difficulty or cost, Scott will find a way to make it happen.

“We take a conceptual idea that an architect may have hand-sketched and find something that fits what the customer wants to accomplish,” says Scott.

Franklin features Marvin Modern Products, the hottest new thing in residential design. With their Marvin Modern line, Marvin Windows and Doors has created a type of click-together system where the parts and pieces are assembled into multiple units yet maintains the sight line of one unit.

“When you combine a sliding door with a big picture window, for instance, you can maintain that same sight line vertically and horizontally, which is a big deal in modern design for architects and designers,” says Scott. “The sight lines that you can achieve due to the narrowness and the strength of the product is revolutionary. No one has anything like it.”

Only one dealer in any given major metro area is selected to carry the product, and Franklin was specifically chosen by Marvin to be their exclusive Modern dealer for the Indianapolis market.

“Everyone wants the biggest piece of glass and the smallest frame, and Marvin has designed this system around that concept,” says Scott.

The result is expansive views, tons of natural light, and a modern look from the street.

Angela Nacinovich, of Angela Nacinovich Interior Design, has worked closely with Franklin. She’s currently working with a client who wanted to flood the home with as much natural light as possible.

“By using the Marvin Modern line, we were able to create a dynamic statement that lets the view speak for itself,” says Nacinovich. Expansive glass invites the outside in, blurring the line between interior and exterior living spaces.

“As a result, people don’t need to live in an 8,000 sq. ft. house to feel like they have an 8,000 sq. ft. house,” says Scott.

For a long while the Indianapolis market has centered around traditional design with homes that have a historical flair to them. On the other hand, contemporary modern has dominated the west coast scene. Only in recent years has that same contemporary style made its way into the Indianapolis market. As such, architects and builders are beginning to design buildings around a particular product such as Marvin Modern Windows.

“A lot of the products on the west coast are not thermally sufficient for the Indiana climate,” says Scott. “Marvin Modern has designed a product that meets the thermal requirements for the Midwest but matches the modern designs on the coast.” It’s a game changer. Franklin is committed to bringing the best and most unique products to market, which changes the way people build and utilize their homes.

“Our goal is to partner with builders and architects to source what they are trying to design,” says Cori, who estimates that many of these innovative products will eventually be integrated into SMART home technology where a homeowner can make a door slide open or closed with the simple press of a button.

Franklin has recently brought in several cutting-edge European products through Lorenzo Finestre. Oikos world renowned security doors that are as beautiful as they are safe. Xinnix frameless interior doors for a clean, contemporary aesthetic, and thermally efficient MHB steel – the slimmest steel profile systems in the world. The Lorenzo Finestre showroom will be located at Indiana Design Center, 200 South Rangeline Road Suite 214, Carmel, Indiana.

Nacinovich, like many others, appreciates Scott and Cori’s dedication to quality and innovative design. “I’m excited to see what they add in the future!” she says.

For more information on the modern and state-of-the art products available from Franklin Window & Door, call (317) 993-3660 or visit