by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos Leah Tribbett

At his previous home, Jay Jaffe had a wine cellar that was 18 feet deep and 6 feet wide, with racks on both sides. Though the space was utilitarian in terms of storing bottles, making space for people was a different story.

“There was no room for anyone to congregate. I’d have a party, and six or seven people would stand in the aisle with nowhere to sit or move,” recalls Jaffe.

So, when he built his new home with Joe Garcia of G&G Custom Homes, he designed a wine cellar that was spacious enough so guests could comfortably hang out or even enjoy a meal. Garcia and his team worked with Jaffe to incorporate everything the owner wanted, including the space necessary to hold wine glasses, magazines, corks, and other accessories.

“We love coming up with unique ideas that we have either not done before or can tweak to make it their own based on how [the owner] lives,” says Garcia. “That’s the great thing about building custom homes. Every house, every person is different so it’s nice to come up with something new that fits their needs and lifestyle.”

Jaffe is pleased not only with the quality craftsmanship of the project but also with the constant communication between himself and Garcia, as well as the work of the crew.

“Joe is very accountable. Even if something happens during building that’s not his mistake, he’ll fix it,” says Jaffe.

“I have the best team in the business. I am only as good as the team I have with me,” adds Garcia.

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