by Gabe Young

“It’s rare to say that a product can check all the boxes for a homeowner, but with the new Daikin Fit system, we can,” said Brady Wilson, General Manager at Homesense Heating and Cooling. “Homeowners can get increased comfort, lower bills, a smaller and quieter system, all within their budget.”

Standard air conditioning systems are just on or off. And while standard air conditioning has benefitted homes and businesses, the high operating costs, loud operation, and hot and cold areas, leave room for improvement.

Homesense and Daikin Fit system has stepped into that space.

“The biggest difference homeowners notice is when they walk upstairs and it’s not 5 to 10 degrees warmer, which they’ve grown accustomed to dealing with,” said Design Engineer Matt Patrick. “Then we hear about the whisper quiet operation, which is almost hard to compare to most systems that sound like an airplane taking off.”

The Daikin Fit system has achieved all of this in one system by leveraging decades of experience with inverter technology, the key ingredient to achieving both comfort and efficiency increases.

When you combine the trusted local brand of Homesense Heating and Cooling with the Daikin Fit, it is not surprising that when homeowners need a new air conditioner they are turning to this solution.

“When you put everything together: a locally owned company with high integrity, this unique product, and an industry leading 12-year warranty, we really believe central Indiana homeowners can’t find a better fit for their homes this summer,” said Wilson.

Reach out to Homesense for a zero cost, zero pressure evaluation to see if the Daikin Fit is the right fit for your home.