Ten years ago, Claudio and Anna Bertolini had a “regular” pergola installed at their home. It turned out to be useless. Their patio was always either too hot or too wet to use, and it seemed like every time they planned a cookout it rained.

Fast-forward five years to their discovery of louvered roof pergolas and the “Aha! Moment” becomes clear! Upon hearing a friend describe a pergola with the ability to angle, open and close, they were intrigued.

Within a month of visiting the manufacturer’s plant, StruXure Outdoors (at that time called Arcadia Louvered Roof) came and retrofitted their existing pergola. “To this day, we feel this was the best home improvement project we have done,” Anna says. Imagine planning a cookout a month in advance with no worry of the weather? Burgers and steaks rain or shine!

In fact, the product sensors react to rain and can be set to automatically close the louvers. Not to mention, a smart phone operation allows you to program the system and automatically open, angle, or close the louvers throughout the day. The hottest day of the year is no match when the louvers are angled, providing full shade with the heat venting out.

According to Anna, “After more than four and a half years, we still love that this product doesn’t take away the light from our kitchen like a permanent roof would.” Not having to pay each year to get the wooden slats and purlins painted is a huge plus: maintenance free is the only way to go!

In the fall, the louvers can be closed and with the fireplace lit the patio becomes a cigar room. A go-to place to watch sports and just generally unwind. In the winter, it’s not necessary to find storage for the outdoor furniture. So, the patio still looks pretty, and you can grill without having to shovel snow.

After directly experiencing and loving the product, the Bertolini’s experienced another “Aha! Moment,” deciding to start their own business, The Smart Pergola in the Indiana market. In January 2015, they exhibited at their first Indianapolis Home Show. The louvered roof pergola was a showstopper. Aha!

Last January, The Smart Pergola entered their 5th year of operation with over 250 local installations. The Smart Pergola product is in homes, restaurants and various commercial spaces – a truly unique pergola.

Transforming a once too wet or too hot space with The Smart Pergola will create one of the most enjoyable spaces in your home. If you are feeling inspired to have your own “Aha! Moment” and enjoy your patio no matter the weather, call The Smart Pergola at 317-682-4072 or visit them online at thesmartpergola.com.