by Matt Keating

Pendant lighting is popular among both homeowners and designers these days. It can provide effective lighting that can improve the ambiance of any room or act as task lighting for certain areas of your home.

Jodi Burtner, owner of Burtner Electric in Noblesville, says with so many options and styles available pendant lighting can be used in different ways to greatly enhance a room.

“Pendant lighting is typically not used to light an entire room but is used instead as an accent or decorative lighting,” Burtner says. “Pendant lights now come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to be used as an extra decoration that will also give off light.”

Pendant lights are often directed down on a room to highlight a specific space. They give out additional light for people eating dinner at a kitchen island, working in the home office, or having guests over in the basement recreation room. They are also a great way to add light and style to an otherwise dark hallway.

“Thanks to their versatility, pendant lights are great for complimenting the décor of any room,” Burtner says. “They look great hanging over a kitchen island or lighting up an entryway to welcome guests. They can be used as bedside lamps or hung over a dining room table or bar.”

Burtner Electric has been serving the community since 1986 and are true experts in the electrical and lighting industry. They can help you update your homes lighting plan by thoughtfully incorporating pendant lights! For a free estimate, contact Burtner at 317-773-7663 or online at