People are living longer, and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, children will soon be outnumbered by an older population. Finding successful solutions to prolong aging in place has become increasingly important. Digital Sight and Sound helps their clients maintain independence by using technology and home automation.

“We design and develop custom safety systems, like home security that allows loved ones and primary care givers to receive notifications regarding activity, or inactivity, at the home. Simple, nonintrusive methods of monitoring that track home access by paid in-home caregivers, to confirm that loved ones are receiving the care they deserve,” said Ray Rice, owner of Digital Sight & Sound.”

Increased independence can also be achieved by using automated lighting or remotely accessed digital note reminders for clients struggling with memory impairments. “We tailor our solutions by assessing each client’s specific needs through a relaxed but structured interview process, and then collaboratively build solutions,” Rice said. Effectively used technology can increase a client’s confidence, improve their quality of life, manage potential risks, and provide piece of mind to caregivers and loved ones.

“As the primary caregiver of my mom, the work Ray and his team completed for her home is a game changer not only for her but for me,” said Jane Crawford, Zionsville. “Digital Sight and Sound successfully helped me work through the various issues we had and provided simple solutions. Seeing my mother thrive provides me tremendous piece of mind.”

These solutions can be implemented by working with the builder during new construction or retrofitting a client’s current home. Digital Sight and Sound gets great joy out of knowing they can prolong their client’s independence by providing simple technological solutions with home automation. Call them at 317-848-0101 for more information on these and other smart home solutions.