by Courtney Walker-Pope

The beauty of home: architecture, brick, windows, doors, the interior details. Usually our minds race to elements that can easily be seen and discussed amongst you and your building team. What’s not discussed and put at the top of a new build priority list? Moisture barrier systems. Franklin Window and Door is opening up that important discussion with their representatives from two moisture barrier manufacturers explaining the importance of using a complete system.

There are many moisture barrier systems in the marketplace but Franklin Window and Door counts on two systems as their trusted choice: ZIP System and Tyvek Home Wrap. A complete system is composed of moisture barrier flashing and moisture barrier tape made by ZIP and Tyvek, respectively for each of their systems.

ZIP System is a leading industry product – it’s an integrated OSB (oriented strand board) panel with a membrane. The panel is installed in pieces and secured with their acrylic tape. Around windows and doors, the tape stretches up for a continuous seal or their liquid system can be used to create a seamless watertight seal. “It’s an easy-to-install product and the ZIP System strengthens with time,” explained Justin Grimes, Regional Sales Manager of ZIP.

Tyvek Home Wrap offers moisture barrier flexible sheeting and tape. “Our sheets and tape have been engineered and produced to work together. One of the many things I appreciate about Franklin Window and Door is, when they install windows and doors around our product, they consistently do it right the first time,” said Colin Miller, representative of Tyvek. This can be the difference between a major, costly issue down the road and living your best, uninterrupted life in your home for many years to come.

Unfortunately, it is common practice for builders to use a mixture of products, but owner of Franklin Window and Door, Scott Brown, explains this can be a major problem. “If there is ever a failure of the products, the manufacturers have the right to deny a claim if it is not their complete system. They design and test the products for adhesion to each other, not other manufacturers products,” Brown said.

Nigel Hoss of Hoss Homes understands how important this is to delivering a quality home. According to Hoss, “As a builder, we want to ensure a perfectly built home. One imperative step is using a complete moisture barrier system including flashing and tape by the same manufacturer.”

When builders or customers choose not to use ZIP or Tyvek complete systems, issues can arise. “I have seen homes with button fasters in the corners of windows that eventually leak and cause major issues with other components of the home,” explains Grimes.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a correctly installed complete moisture barrier system. For your next new build or renovation, give the experts at Franklin Window and Door a call at 317-993-3660 or visit their website