by Matt Keating

During the hot summer days and nights homeowners want to keep cool without putting a dent in their budgets. Brian Schutt, owner of Homesense Heating & Cooling, suggests you consider ductless heating and cooling air systems.

“They are a newer system that targets hard to cool places in homes like finished attics, four season rooms, and master bedrooms,” Schutt said. “They are becoming increasingly popular because they are convenient and energy efficient.”

Schutt noted that a ductless heating and air system is exactly what it sounds like. “It’s a heating and cooling system that doesn’t need ducts for air distribution. The main HVAC unit is connected to individual air handlers inside that distribute air directly into the area they serve.”

A single home can have multiple air handlers connected to one system. Temperatures can be controlled in each area, or zone, separately. “The most common application is a sunroom because the extra windows create a unique need for cooling or heating, depending on the season,” Schutt said.

Ductless systems are also quiet and help keep energy costs low. Other benefits include improved indoor air quality, a remotely controlled system, and the ability to install out of the way on ceilings or walls. According to Schutt, “In homes without existing ductwork, space, or budget to install new ducts, a ductless heating and air system is an excellent option.”

Keep your cool this summer with Homesense, go online to to schedule an appointment or get a free estimate.