by Matt Keating

Anna Bertolini, co-owner of The Smart Pergola, with showroom locations in Carmel and Westfield/Sheridan, believes having a structured louvered roof makes every hour happy hour.

“Happy hour shouldn’t be limited to one hour, and it shouldn’t be weather dependent,” Bertolini says. “Your happy hour might be in the morning over coffee while reading the latest news on your smartphone, so angle the louvers to create complete shade so you can see the screen and enjoy!”

The Smart Pergola, manufactured by StruXure Outdoor, is engineered and designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, with a built-in rain sensor and smart motors which will allow to automatically close the louvers in case of rain. They can even be connected to the WiFi home system and be controlled remotely or programmed to independently change the position of the louvers during the day.

“During the day, let the heat vent out of the open roof, while the fan pulls in and circulates the fresh air. During the evening, angle the louvers the other way, drop the motorized screen to block the bugs and early evening sun,” Bertolini recommends. Additionally, by closing the louvers, lighting up the fireplace, lowering the vinyl drops, and switching on the lights or heater if needed you can continue to use your outdoor space during colder months. The Smart Pergola will keep the snow off your patio and furniture, no shoveling needed.

Made from maintenance-free powder-coated and extruded aluminum, The Smart Pergola lets homeowners enjoy it’s comforts without all the work. Ready to enjoy the happiest of hours under your new Smart Pergola? Contact them at 317-682-4072 or visit online!