We want to freshen up the house with new paint and once we get it on the walls it’s not what we had in mind. Paint is an amazing decor tool and Vida Events & Design has all of your color needs covered.

tips & tricks:

  1. CHOOSE A NEUTRAL MAIN COLOR: Find a great neutral gray or brown tone for larger rooms, kitchen, hallways, and entry. Then move to more specific colors in smaller rooms to create a pleasing palette.
  2. NOTE EXISTING FINISHES: If your cabinets and fixed items read more gray then choose gray tone wall paint. If your cabinets, furnishings and fabrics have brown hues then stick to a warmer beige wall. If fixed items such as cabinets must stay as-is, yet are not supporting your design goal, there is a way to transition the paint color to ensure other rooms can lean towards your preference.
  3. TRY SAMPLE COLORS: Many people create their color vision via Pinterest or Houzz, but the best trick to finding the color you want is to place samples directly on the wall. You can do this by purchasing testers offered by most retailers or by utilizing a Sherwin Williams trade partner, like Vida, who will bring removable samples to tape on the walls so you can see the color in action.
  4. EMBRACE VARIETY: Be prepared for paint to look different at various hours of the day. One of the best traits of a good paint color is it’s difference in morning light and nighttime sky. Embrace the variety, don’t be intimidated by it. tips & tricks: Don’t let the 1,500 plus paint colors on a deck overwhelm you. A quick paint consult with a trained professional can often ease your stress. Let Vida Events & Design help you make your life beautiful!
  5. USE ACCESSORIES: A house divided? Many clients have one spouse who wants to go bright and bold, and the other who is a bit more conservative with color. In these cases, select a neutral gray or tan base wall color, then use fabrics and accessories to get those punches of fun color. Accessories are easier to change than wall paint.

Next Steps:

Once you have your paint pallette finalized, build another layer to your design by adding wallpaper and custom window treatments. As a Thibaut dealer, Vida Events & Design can take your design to the next level.