Raise your hand if you’ve had this happen: it’s Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl, your annual family reunion, and instead of gathering at your dining room table or around the flat-screen in your living room, everyone’s in the kitchen. For many, this is the heart of the home. But along with the hustle and bustle, is there also clutter and chaos? A little kitchen organization is in order – and open shelving can be the solution for a more spacious feel.


Kitchen organization can be challenging. These rooms are natural clutter-collectors. Who else has a hundred plastic containers, some with lids, some without? And lids without containers? We tend to wash, throw them into the cabinet, and hope the next time we open the door, they don’t avalanche out. It’s like a closet: too easy to let mess accrue because it can be out of sight, out of mind. Open shelving helps you stay organized: you can’t hide your dirty little tupperware secret! You can also more readily see what you need and don’t need, allowing you to throw out or donate unused items.


  • They maximize storage options. There are some nooks and crannies into which you’re just not going to get a usable cabinet (e.g. corners). Open shelves are a perfect fit for virtually any space. They open up more storage options for your cookware, food items, and decor elements.
  • Open shelves are convenient. Whether you’re whipping up a feast, searching your grandmother’s cookbook for a recipe, or packing the children’s lunch, the items you need are visible and easily accessible. You don’t have to hunt through cabinets. You reach, grab, and go. Guests can also help themselves – and help you clean up! They can see where everything belongs.
  • They’re cost effective. Cabinetry is a major investment. If you are building or remodeling, open shelving allows you to use your budget in other areas.
  • Clean up is easier. Again, because cabinet doors hide a multitude of sins, dust builds up. With open shelving, you give them a swipe once in a while, and you’re done.
  • They look great! Ah, the best reason to love open kitchen shelves! You can use a combination of open shelving and cabinets to achieve the look and functionality you want.

With great kitchen organization and open shelves, you’ll have all the more reason to love where you live. Visit us online at liveaco.com to schedule your free in-home consultation and ask the ACo team about open shelving for your kitchen.