by Courtney Walker-Pope

Fall is the perfect time to plant new trees and shrubs in your landscape, as the heat of summer has passed, and plants are establishing new roots. Scott Bardash of Allisonville Nursery shares some of the best trees to consider and why each does well in our geographic location.

PLENTY OF SHADE: Tulip Poplar This is the state tree of Indiana and performs very well. You’ll get wonderful, large leaves that provide welcome shade in the summer

PERFECT FOR PRIVACY: Green Giant Arborvitae Fast growing, lovely dark green foliage with a ferny texture. These have a lovely, tight Christmas tree shape that works alone, in a grouping, or in a row for privacy.

BEAUTIFUL SPRING FLOWERING: Cherokee Brave Dogwood Native to Indiana, dogwoods are hard to beat for their phenomenal spring show. Cherokee Brave has bright pink flowers with hints of white that make it almost sparkle in a spring breeze.

UNIQUE OPTION: Rising Sun Redbud Native to Indiana, this Redbud’s pinkish purple blossoms in spring lead to foliage that emerges red and fades through orange and yellow to a bright chartreuse green so that the tree almost looks like a firework.

GORGEOUS FALL COLORS: Redpointe Maple This new hybrid maple is disease resistant and grows quickly and easily with minimal care to a perfect pyramid shape. The fall color is a brilliant red that glows in the autumn sun.

Whatever tree you choose, it’s important to care for it by using a root stimulant, wellbalanced fertilizer, and watering it consistently. For all your landscaping needs, remember Allisonville Nursery and visit their website at