by Matt Keating

There are many unique ways for homeowners to creatively use cool LED or tape lights to help brighten up dark rooms or enhance a living room or family gathering space.

Putting LED strip lighting under your den or living room furniture can showcase your living space, and make your room look much brighter. By using different LED color lights, you add a fun atmosphere to any party or gathering.

Having LED lights under cabinets gives additional task lighting in a dark workspace, such as a garage or studio. White LED lights are effective lighting on bathroom mirrors or for illuminating the dark back of a bedroom drawer.

LED tape lighting is another high-quality option. They are a smart choice to save money and light up unique spaces such as a display cabinet of your favorite collectibles. If you have a basement bar, LED tape lighting behind the shelves is a creative way to showcase your favorite spirits and bar glasses.

The usefulness of LED lights doesn’t end indoors, waterproof tape lighting can also be used in the pool. Staircases, refrigerators, patios, and outdoor bars are a few other great places for tape lighting to illuminate your home.

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