by Christy Heitger-Ewing

A high quality, high performance WiFi Network is the backbone of technology in a modern home. We all know what happens when the internet goes out and we lose that important connection – we are cut off from the world. Television, music, communication, security systems, our home office, and the kids’ homework progress all come to a screeching halt.

Nathan Robison, formerly with Robison A/V and now lead designer with Digital Sight & Sound, said “I remember when it was a novelty to sit in my kitchen and check email, and then that became a useful convenience, and now it’s required. I work from home some days, and I absolutely positively must have a good connection.”

There are many quality providers delivering high-speed internet to your home, but the services they provide inside your home are somewhat lacking.

“The service is fast and reliable but the distribution via WiFi (wireless connection) lacks consistent broadcast strength to adequately serve larger custom homes. To avoid areas of diminished speed or coverage, homes over 5,000 square feet require multiple WiFi access points.” said Ray Rice of Digital Sight & Sound.

Each access point has a limit to the number of active connections it can serve. Think of it this way, if you are walking through a door by yourself, you go through quickly. If you and 10 others are walking through that same door, at exactly the same moment, some will have to wait, and that congestion will slow you down.

“There are also weatherproof outdoor access points for coverage in backyards and outdoor living areas. Getting all of these access points to seamlessly stick together is where we can help,” said Rice.

Our devices keep us connected in this modern online world and are an integral part of our lifestyle, so a reliable WiFi internet connection is a must-have. Call Digital Sight & Sound if you need to improve your home’s WiFi access.