by Christy Heitger-Ewing

When the Club at Chatham Hills in Westfield was under construction, Betsy Henke Garfield with Henke Development Group, LLC, reached out to Scott Brown, COO and New Construction Specialist at Franklin Window & Door, to ask for guidance.

“They were using a different manufacturer for all of the windows in the building, but they wanted the best doors they could get for the application there [at the clubhouse],” says Brown. “I leaned her towards Marvin Products and then we went out to the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas to let her get a feel for the functionality of the Marvin Folding Scenic Doors.”

Henke Garfield was sold, and it’s no surprise why. Folding scenic doors have panels that fold open and closed like an accordion, thereby inviting the outdoors in. They come in various widths, heights, and configurations and are made with contemporary hardware that is stylish and sleek. Plus, the operation of the doors is seamless and smooth as they’ve got an integrated handle system in their folding that’s different from the typical folding door.

“Most [systems] have visible slide bolts on the top and bottom that you have to operate separately, but Marvin integrated it into their handle. So, you just turn the handle and it functions,” says Brown. “The bolts are hidden within the door.”

Folding scenic doors are ideal for home or business owners who want to blend the comfort of indoor living with the tranquility of breathing in nature. Such is the case at the Chatham Clubhouse, which not only boasts a huge patio, pool, and luxurious outdoor bar but also offers a serene setting that overlooks the golf course and all of the amenities, enabling patrons to relax indoors yet still feel as if they are a part of everything that’s going on outside.

“These Marvin Folding Scenic Doors take an 8,000 sq. ft. space and make it feel like a 50,000 sq. ft. space,” says Brown.

Henke Garfield says that the doors have been a lovely and unique attribute to have in the Clubhouse.

“Not only do they allow us to have full panoramic views across the rear of the building overlooking the valley, but on nice days throughout the spring, summer and even into the fall, we open them up and members can go to and from the back patio. It makes everything feel nice and open,” says Henke Garfield. “The full windows and doors are just a beautiful setting for the rear of the clubhouse that shows the incredible views across the valley and hillside, even when they’re closed.”

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