by Matt Keating

When you are ready to find a new home, evaluating the benefits of either new construction or buying an existing home is a good place to start according to Phil Hotle, a Realtor with Re/Max at the Crossing.

“When you build a new home, you get a fresh start,” Hotle says. “You get all of the modern fixtures and finishes and can really personalize the details. You shouldn’t have to worry about any major repairs for a while. Another great feature about newer homes is they have energy efficient materials.”

However, a major setback to building a customized new home is not being able to move in right away. “You also may not have a lot of room for negotiation later, upgrades and change orders can be costly. Then when you finally move in, you may have to deal with construction noise from other new homes and additional traffic,” Hotle says.

There are many benefits to moving into an existing home, from moving in right away to having the ability to price negotiate. Features such as trees, landscape and established neighborhoods all drive homebuyers to purchased existing homes.

A possible setback might be that you may not get the exact layout you want. “You may also face more house maintenance issues,” Hotle says. Existing homes may have maintenance issues pop up more often that put a strain on your pocketbook.

When deciding which route to take Phil Hotle recommends using a Realtor to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are getting the best home and deal possible. Contact Phil Hotle at 317-919-8504 for help navigating the home buying process.