by Maria Baer | Photos by Melissa Mattingly

When we found out we were expecting, I knew my organizational skills would be put to the true test. When twins showed up on the ultrasound…well, let’s just say game on.

So what’s a Type-A gal to do? It may come as no surprise, that a list of goals and to’dos was crafted to help keep focus during the upcoming months. Some items were things I’d been meaning to do for years (like getting up to date on our annual photo books), while others came with the territory.

Here are FIVE EASY THINGS to do in advance of bringing your bundle of joy home that I promise you won’t regret:

  1. Create Pinterest boards to help organize resources for now and later (mine are broken down by Infant, 6-12 Months and 1 Year+), gifts + goodies, and my favorite, baby style.
  2. Create file folders and memory boxes for your child (related to health, special mementos and one for everything else) so that you can begin organizing items as you receive them. This ensures you have a good system put into place before the onslaught of paperwork arrives post-birth.
  3. As you set-up all of your toys and gadgets, tape the manuals to the bottom so you have them handy as you test them out with your new baby.
  4. Put together changing stations around the house. This can be as simple as a basket of essentials like diapers, wipes, diaper cream, changing mat and a swaddle blanket.
  5. Finally, this is the one time I’ll push stocking up on household essentials. Look into Amazon Subscribe & Save, but don’t forget to alter your frequency over time so you don’t end up with a surplus of stuff. Since you likely won’t have the luxury of those daily trips to the store, it is nice to have these items handy for the first few months.

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